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Aside from expertly training students in the art of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, Master Mazza uses his talents to implement Grandmaster Cheung's Stress Management and Pro-Tekt Rape Awareness & Prevention programs into government institutions and corporate facilities. He designs and institutes training programs for military and law enforcement personnel, the physically and mentally challenged, and the elderly in surrounding South New Jersey medical facilities. In addition, Sifu Mazza collaborates with the Board of Education to aid students, from primary school to college levels, cope with day to day pressures with the implementation of stress/anger management and self-defense programs. A three-time Hall of Fame inductee, Sifu Keith was hand-picked by Grandmaster William Cheung to train and serve as the North American Liason for the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

ATTENTION: We are in the process of re-vamping this portion of the site and the Wing Chun video downloads are not available for sale at the present time (the free downloads are still available). If you would like to purchase the videos or full DVDs, please feel free to contact Master Keith below or visit the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy site via the menu link above. Thank you for your patience.

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Customer/Student Requested Videos

Here is where Master Mazza will be posting video instruction requested by his students and our customers. Contact Sifu Keith by email, via the above link, to request a specific video technique.

Fight Tips #1 - Download FREE

Fight Tips #2 - Download FREE

Butterfly Swords 1 - $9.99

Butterfly Swords 2 - $9.99

Butterfly Swords 3 - $9.99

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Wing Chun Self Defense & Street Fighting

Logical, quick, and easy to learn, Traditional Wing Chun is considered the most effective street fighting martial art ever devised.  Defeat larger and stronger opponents without acrobatic kicks or being in college wrestling shape.

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Baseball Bat Attack - $9.99

Single Handed Stick - $9.99

Boxer's Lead Jab - $9.99





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Wing Chun Power Building Course

The Wing Chun Power Building course is a workout offered to help develop the muscular strength, balance, flexibility and coordination needed to be an effective Wing Chun practitioner.

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Week 1 - $9.99

Week 2 - $9.99

Week 3 - $9.99

Week 4 - $9.99

Week 5 - $9.99

Week 6 - $9.99

Week 7 - $9.99

Week 8 - $9.99

Week 9 - $9.99

Week 10 - $9.99

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Requirements to Blue Sash Level

Correspondence course for certification with Grand Master William Cheung & Master Keith Mazza.

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Lesson 1 - $9.99

Lesson 2 - $9.99

Lesson 3 - $9.99

Lesson 4 - $9.99

Lesson 5 - $9.99

Lesson 6 - $9.99

Lesson 7 - $9.99

Lesson 8 - $9.99

Lesson 9 - $9.99

lesson 10 - $9.99

lesson 11 - $9.99

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